Choosing the ideal apparel for custom printing can be tricky due to the wide array of options available. This Printfits simplified guide aims to streamline your decision-making process, from selecting materials and styles to deciding between women's fitness and kids' apparel.

Custom Printing: The Basics

Custom printing allows you to print unique, personalized designs on different types of apparel. Be it a corporate logo on a t-shirt or a catchy phrase on a hoodie; custom printing opens avenues for personalization.

Key Factors in Choosing Custom Printing Apparel

Here's a run-down of crucial aspects that influence your choice of apparel for custom printing:

  • Material: Fabric type significantly affects the final design's look and feel. While cotton, being heat resistant and ink absorbent, is perfect for screen printing, synthetic fabrics like polyester might need different printing techniques.
  • Type of Apparel: The apparel type — be it t-shirts, hoodies, or caps — impacts the printing process. For example, printing on a flat t-shirt would be simpler than a curved baseball cap.
  • Size and Fit: When ordering for a diverse group, size, and fit are critical considerations. Remember, women's fitness apparel often differs in cut and size from men's or kids' clothing.

Choosing Apparel for Varied Audiences

Your target audience's needs and preferences heavily impact your apparel choice for custom printing:

  • Women's Fit Apparel: When selecting women's fitness apparel, consider the style, comfort, and fit. Fitted styles like slim-fit tees may suit specific designs. Also, consider your audience's preferences for necklines, sleeve lengths, and overall fit.
  • Kids Apparel: Choosing kids' apparel involves focusing on comfort and durability. Choose fabrics that are soft, comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and can withstand frequent washing.


Some More Selection Tips

  • Your Design: The design you wish to print can steer you in the right direction, in terms of apparel.
  • Your Budget: Cost, which can vary based on apparel type, material, and quantity ordered, is essential to keep in mind.
  • Reliable Printing Service: Choose a reliable custom printing service ensuring a wide variety of apparel options, high-quality prints, and superior customer service.

Role of Color in Custom Printing

Colour is a crucial determinant in custom printing, impacting the overall aesthetic and design look:

  • Right Color Combination: Ensure your design's colour pops against the apparel. Choose complementary colours for a vibrant look or analogous ones for a harmonious feel.
  • Color Psychology: Colour carries emotional symbolism that can influence perception. Select apparel colours considering the feelings you wish to evoke.
  • Brand Colour Consistency: If branding is a concern, ensure your apparel colours align with your overall brand colour scheme.


Printing Technique Matters

The custom printing technique — screen printing, Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing, or heat transfer printing — you opt for can also influence your apparel selection decision.



Selecting the correct apparel for custom printing is vital to achieving the best end product. By considering factors such as material, size, fit, and your target audience, you can navigate the plethora of apparel choices for custom printing with ease. Whether it's women's fitness apparel, kid's apparel, or any other clothing type, we are here to cater to all your custom printing needs. Contact us today for expert guidance.