At Printfits, we don't just aim for customer satisfaction - we strive for delight. Elevate your event with the best custom t-shirts, showcasing an impactful community message and captivating design.

While we offer you the independence to upload your designs and transform them into custom shirts or t-shirts, we also vigilantly oversee the entire process, ensuring the final product aligns with your vision. Our dedicated team diligently monitors each step, from design upload to final print, guaranteeing your custom t-shirt complements your wardrobe.

Our rigorous design review process, attention to minutiae, and seamless conversion of your designs to exceptional prints make us stand out. Dive into our comprehensive guide for a better understanding of our design review process and see how we bring your designs to life.


  • The transformation of your concept to a custom print kicks off once you've uploaded or selected your design, settled on a color and made all additional choices. This phase involves our specialist team checking your selections—artwork, color combination, and others—to ensure they'll effortlessly translate onto fabric.

    Key aspects we check include:

    • Artwork quality
    • Color contrasts
    • Optimal print locations, and more

    We thoroughly value your choices and stand by to bring your design to life. At the same time, our commitment is to ensure you have a realistic outlook for the final print. Even a minor selection error could lead to significant disappointment, which we aim to avert. Suppose we spot any potential issues in your selection, a representative promptly reaches out, aiding us to collaborate and address matters swiftly.


  • This stage of the process is where our proficient designers work their magic. After resolving any reported concerns, our talented team transforms your design requirements into a polished design file, adhering to the screen printing placement guide. Screen printing is a meticulous process, and with 8 colors to choose from, each color must be printed distinctly.

    Our designers expertly craft the design file into layers, ensuring each layer can be used to create individual screens. With the design file layered, we then convert the RGB digital color space from your artwork into their respective Pantone color space, accurately reproducing the intended hues.

    Explore some frequently asked questions concerning this phase:

    What to do when the design file is small in size?

    While we recommend providing a file with a minimum dimension of 800px by 800px for optimal print results, we are fully equipped to work with files as small as 200px by 200px. Our dedicated team specializes in refining lower-resolution files, ensuring crisp lines, redrawing elements if necessary, and tracing designs to ensure they print perfectly on your chosen T-shirt.

    Can you print a photograph on my t-shirt?

    Though it would be our pleasure to transfer your photograph onto a t-shirt with perfect precision, the inherent limitations of the screen print process and color availability impose certain restrictions. A photograph can contain thousands of colors while our Pantone color palette consists of only eight. This discrepancy could affect the conversion process, potentially compromising the integrity of the original design. Consequently, some intricacies and details of the photograph may not be captured fully in the screen print on a t-shirt.

    Do you print hand-drawn sketches on t-shirts?

    Absolutely, we offer the service of printing hand-drawn designs onto t-shirts. To process your unique design, simply take a photograph of your artwork and upload it via our design tool. But please bear in mind, the design needs to be digitized and flattened. Unfortunately, given the constraints in our screen printing process, we regret to inform you that we cannot incorporate shading and gradients into the final print on the garment.

    I use professional designing tools to create designs. Do you accept Ai files or .eps files for printing?

    For optimal results, we recommend providing us with AI (Adobe Illustrator) files. You can conveniently upload your design directly using our Custom One Online design tool. Immediately after this, we initiate the design review process. For extra assistance or for any questions regarding acceptable file formats, feel free to reach out to us anytime. Our representatives are always eager to guide you through the process.


  • Once your artwork is finalized, it's crucial to check the screen print locations as per our guide to ensure optimal placement on your chosen clothing. The design set via our tool will be positioned identically across all T-shirts. We maintain stringent checks:

    • For Football Jersey tees, no prints are placed on or above the seam crossing from the upper chest to the back.
    • On Hoodies/Sweatshirts, we ensure the screen print location aligns perfectly with the front hand warmer pocket.
    • For Slouchy tops, we avoid placing the design too high, considering the garment's characteristic low front and back cuts.

    Following our screen print placement guide, we strive to ensure ideal placement across all apparel types.


  • At this stage, we thoroughly re-examine all elements of the design and screen print locations according to the placement guide to guarantee a flawless outcome. We take care to confirm that colors, designs, and other components align with your expectations. At the conclusion of this thorough review, we regard your design as finalized and ready for dispatch to the printers for the final printing stage. This way, we ensure you get exactly what you envisioned.




    Upon completing the design review process, our printing department steps in. They utilize the most advanced screen-printing technology to transform your designs into unique custom t-shirts. Though this process may take a few days, rest assured that the final products will be efficiently delivered directly to your doorstep.

    At Printfits, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. We sincerely believe you deserve nothing less than excellent service, and our goal is to consistently fulfill this promise.