Intrigued by the concept of a custom t-shirt with a standout design? Crafting such a design can be challenging, particularly without advanced tools and software. So, what's the key to devising a design that speaks to your cause and elevates the garment to your personal favorite? We suggest collaborating with a skilled designer to develop a top-notch t-shirt design.

At Printfits, we empathize with your concerns and proudly present our tailored design process. As your go-to custom t-shirt printing company, we're eager to assist with your design needs, while sharing insights into how professional designers conjure captivating visuals for your precious t-shirts.


Clear communication of your design concept to the designer can significantly influence the final output. Keeping the designer in the dark about your ideas and expectations may prolong the process, leading to frustration on both sides.

Engaging in the design process in manageable stages can not only expedite the work but also minimize any potential frustration or redundancy. The key is transparent collaboration to ensure your vision is effectively translated into the design.


Having a streamlined design process is being clear about your expectations. Certain elements of the design might be non-negotiable, while you might allow for the designer's creative liberty in other aspects. Often, elements such as the event date, company logo, brand slogan, or any imagery representing the organization or business are fixed. 

At Printfits, we facilitate effective communication of such vital information to the designer. Conveying the desired "mood" or theme of the t-shirt is also instrumental for the designer to fully understand your t-shirt design requirements.


If your design includes logos or other imagery related to your business, event, or cause, it's vital to have all these files consolidated in one place. This helps the designers grasp all the crucial elements of the design and t-shirt specifications, thereby producing a perfectly tailored t-shirt design.

Please note: For the utmost accuracy and clarity in the final print, make sure all the image files you send to the designer are high resolution. This step will significantly increase the quality of the final output.


A community comprises varied mindsets and tastes. Carefully craft t-shirt designs that resonate with everyone. If you've previously tackled community t-shirt projects, recall popular designs or better still, engage the community for feedback on your ideas. Collecting information on their likes and dislikes helps tailor designs to their preferences.

When selecting a custom t-shirt designer and printer, ensure their style is in sync with yours to achieve the desired results. Printfits, known for our diverse styles, is the go-to choice for an online custom t-shirt designer and printer.


Being a designer requires skills, expertise, knowledge, and experience. Yet, even without these, one can understand design and predict its effectiveness for a cause or appeal to a community. Countless resources offer design inspiration. Reliable platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Dribble can showcase designs that resonate with you.

Examine these designs closely to understand the color schemes, styles, and fonts that appeal to you. Sharing these insights with your designer helps set a clear direction, laying the groundwork for an effective design.


With all the requisite information, including design guidelines and imagery, it's time to draft the design brief. Consult your designer to confirm the style of the brief and adjust accordingly.

At Printfits, our brief drafting process is systematic. Each step involves extracting information from you to progress to the next phase, where you'll collaborate with a representative to shape the brief. We respect your input and may request additional specifics to construct a robust brief.

We encourage open communication with our rep. Feel free to share all your ideas - they are integral to the process.


Our experienced designers will construct an initial t-shirt design and present it to you for review. This is the ideal time to examine the design in detail, provide feedback, and get necessary approvals.

If revisions are needed, ensure you articulate them thoroughly. Pinpoint core changes—we're more than willing to incorporate these to design a t-shirt that aligns with your needs. From design specifics to fonts, color selection, and their intensity, we commit to refining all aspects and achieving excellence.


You've now reached the finishing line. Our designers have adjusted the design per your feedback and submitted the final draft for your approval. The success and efficiency of your partnership with a professional designer heavily relies on your approach—it can result in significant time and resource savings or lead to a protracted, overwhelming process.

At Printfits, we are committed to providing a superior experience where you derive pleasure from collaborating with our expert designers. All that's required from your end is a considerate approach to the design process steered by this curated guide from the experts at Printfits.


You're now equipped with the knowledge to master a collaboration with your designer successfully to produce your custom t-shirt. Understand that the creative process is a journey of mutual understanding, adjustments, and gradual refinements, leading to a product that embodies your vision.

Remember, the perfect design doesn't come in an instant. It requires patience, active participation, and constructive feedback. Trust in the expertise of your chosen designer and value the artistic process. At Printfits, we're delighted to be your partner in this journey.