Screen printing is a sought-after method to craft custom T-shirts for a gamut of customers, from businesses to organizations and individuals. Yet, costs can stack up swiftly if not astutely managed. In this Printfits post, we share cost-efficient strategies for screen printing.

1. Choose a reliable manufacturer and maintain open communication

When approaching prospective custom apparel collaborators, take note of their professionalism and customer service. Effective communicators often transition into valuable partners, demonstrating dedication towards your brand's growth.

2. Avoid precipitous purchases

If potential partners are not forthcoming or evade your questions, it's a signal you may lack a long-term relationship with them. Be patient and strategic with your choice.

3. Prioritize time and energy-saving choices

To save on screen printing, protect your time and energy. Moreover, make informed decisions about what processes best cater to your image or color needs.

4. Don't base decisions solely on price

Perform comprehensive research before purchasing any custom apparel. If you opt for the cheapest route, you risk compromising on quality and style.

5. Invest in quality products

Bear in mind that products that embody quality last longer. Contrastingly, settling for lower quality products might yield short-term profit but hinder long-term success.

6. Focus on refining a couple of unique designs

Avoid design clutter by working on just one or two unique elements that make your T-shirt stand out among the rest.

7. Limit color usage in your custom apparel

Use fewer colors for both aesthetics and budget. Opt for two or three primary colors and create variety and depth within them.

8. Order in bulk

An ace strategy to attain a good deal on shirts is to order above your immediate requirement. This helps dodge extra fees or re-orders and provides the best cost per shirt.

9. Minimize print locations

Another way to reduce cost: limit the design to just one or two locations on a shirt.


Ready to proceed with your screen printing project? We'll steer you through, helping you discover products tailored to your unique requirements. With our professional advice, you can look forward to timely completion at a cost that won’t break the bank!