Looking to buy a new shirt with a bespoke design? Screen printing is your answer, a popular method to fashion singular apparel. However, navigating the jargon might be challenging for novices so here at Printfits, we've compiled 11 crucial points to get you started on your screen printing journey.

1. Understand the basics

Differentiating attributes like fabrics, designs, and shirt colors set the brand apart. Choosing your fabric, ink, and color strategically can sometimes be a task due to the multiple factors that define the outcome.

2. Choose your fabric wisely

T-Shirt printing helps broadcast your brand. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of the three popular fabric options:

  • 100% Cotton: Durable with less shrinkage
  • 50/50 Blends: Vibrant colors and relatively sustainable
  • Polyester: Durable, wrinkle-resistant, it's a practical and easy care fabric


3. Select the right ink

Screen printing lends character to your garments. You can choose between three ink types: plastisol (durable), water-based, or discharge inks, depending on your desired outcome.

4. Decide on embellishments

Personalize your garments with unique embellishments, from 'Foil' and 'Glow in the dark', to 'Liquid gold and silver', 'Puff', 'Reflective', and 'Burnout', the options to elevate your design are endless.

5. Pick the optimal printing method

Printing techniques vary, from the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technique, which is great for small and intricate designs, to traditional screen printing, a preferred option for larger designs and for those serving time in the screen printing business.

6. Choose your quantity

The number of shirts needed for screen printing impacts the pricing. We offer competitive Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of just 50 pieces and price breaks for bulk orders.

7. Select the right file format

To ensure high-quality design output, provide a 300 DPI or higher resolution design saved as a PDF or an EPS file. You'll find numerous online tutorials to help with design creation if needed.

8. Ensure correct design size

Optimal design size matters. Decide on the print-out dimensions like 12"x16" to augment your design look. We offer four scannable format screen printing sizes and our team can help you decide on the best size.

9. Review your design

Proofread your design meticulously prior to submitting to avoid any hitches. Our team strives to deliver accuracy from inception to completion!

10. Understand the timelines and shipping options

Recognizing timely delivery's importance, we aim for a one business day turnaround for orders of less than one-day execution. Faster turnaround queries are always welcome!

11. Consider private labeling

Private labeling offers a unique means to assert brand ownership and enhances recognition of your custom apparel. It's a great fillip if you're looking to launch your own clothing line!


Having a custom screen printed shirt is not just about making a fashion statement, it's a path towards expressing individuality, bolstering your brand, and communicating your personal or organizational ethos. 

Through understanding fabrics, inks, embellishments, printing methods, design formats, and sizes, to the quantity needed, shipment timelines, and the benefits of private labeling, you have equipped yourself with some important nuggets necessary to navigate the world of screen printing successfully.

Remember, it's a journey of creation—every step you take is an opportunity to craft a piece that is uniquely yours. Happy printing!