Looking to print T-shirts for your business? The choice of fabric can greatly influence the final product. Let's discuss the types of fabric that best suit your Printfits printing needs and yield excellent results.


Polyester, a sturdy and frequently used fabric in fast fashion, boasts quick drying properties, promising lasting clothes. It's ideal for sublimation printing, lending vibrancy to colors and designs. Direct to Garment (DTG) printing works well when designing individual shirts, while our all-over print range captures your imagination in ways more than one!


Cotton, a natural fiber, enables colors to pop in print unlike synthetic or artificial fibers. Common in vintage shirts, standard cotton teams well with DTG printing, producing vibrant outputs.


Ringspun Cotton, a fabric usually seen in high-end print-on-demand T-shirts, undergoes twisting and thinning of fibers, making the yarn stronger and the surface smoother - an ideal base for exceptional quality prints.


Both ring-spun and combed process make this cotton variant one of the most durable T-shirt fabric options. The process eliminates impurities before spinning the cotton into threads, guaranteeing a softer, higher-quality end product.


Airlume cotton, the premium iteration of combed and ring-spun cotton, undergoes meticulous cleansing, excelling standard Ringspun in purity. The final product, with its long staple fibers, promises sleeker prints.




So, how to choose the best T-shirt for on-demand printing? Fabric composition and quality, print durability, single counts for preserving quality during production are key considerations for the best T-shirts for on-demand printing. Also, taking into account your profit margins and your customer's willingness to pay for your tailor-made branded t-shirts can help you make an informed decision.